Tattooed young straight Chang skinny dips in the pool jerking his big dick till he explodes cum all over himself

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Island Studs says: Hottie young Chinese Hawaiian twink Chang returns for a spot of nakedness. Chang just loves to show off and today he’s stark bollock naked showing off his full untrimmed pubic hair bush of thick … Read full post

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Island Studs all American lumberjack Derek and Italian Tony jerking and pissing side by side

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Island Studs says: Towering tall and muscled, all American lumberjack Derek is back with his thick 8-inch dick for his first-ever man on man double act together with his real-life roommate and uncut pretty boy Italian Tony. … Read full post

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Surfer Finn

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Island Studs says: Surfer Finn is a beautiful tanned blonde beach boy from San Diego with a perfect bubble butt.

Finn a horny 20 year old really enjoys being fully nude outdoors. He’s busy stroking his hairy twink cock.

“I love being Naked”, Finn says as he puts down his boogie board and pulls down his pants. Finn immediately starts to stroke his blonde, boy cock to full erection.

Finn’s golden nude body reflects in the glass windows, showing both his white ass and his smooth torso, front and back, at the same time.

With his dick rock hard it bounces around his smooth, boy body as he walks around the house and garden. This beautiful young lad looks like an All American surfer but he is in fact part Norwegian, Swedish, Irish and Danish.

As he bends over Finn’s furry crack comes into view. His hairy boy ball sack dangles between his perfectly smooth, tan thighs.

Horny surfer Finn sits down on a wooden bench outside for a long stroke session. Watch how this young twink plays with his beautiful, boy cock and super furry balls.


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Brian’s thick king-size cock hangs low and slaps his white athletic thighs

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Island Studs says: Young, friendly skater boy big dick Brian is back, working and sweating naked outside in Hawaii and jerking his fat 9″ monster boy cock.

“Now I do more surfing, it’s good for my shoulder,” Brian says as he takes off his shirt and reveals his naturally smooth tan boy body, nice pecs and tight rock hard ab muscles of an island surfer boy. Brian’s thick king-size cock hangs low and slaps his white athletic thighs as he gets to work outdoors shoveling soil in our Naked Worker Series.

This video contains so many great moments of Brian smiling into the camera and talking openly about his BIG DICK and his personal life on the Islands.

There is still so much thick cum all over Brian’s body that it takes him two rounds of lather to get it all off and out of his thick dick hair.


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Darius King

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Island Studs says: Horse hung Honolulu muscle trainer jock Darius King is back in his first ever fully nude instructional workout video. Hot Afro-American Stud lift weights naked with a throbbing rock hard dick. His big thick black cock slaps against his smooth brown thighs as his instructs us how to best work out naked.

We follow big black Darius underwater as he swims with a full erection in the pool. Darius, aged 29 years old, 175 lbs, 5’11, is looking better than ever. You’ll recall that Darius and his super sexy younger brother Devon King had an intimate all brothers together jerk off video earlier.

Darius has a ripped muscular torso, smooth massive pecs, rock solid biceps, a ripped 8-pack abs and that huge hairless muscle Afro-American ass. Listen to Darius moan and groan as he jerks out load after load of cum from his huge black ball sack. I there no end to the cum stream.


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Island Studs 18 year old Connor strips naked and jerks his big thick dick

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Island Studs says: Connor is an 18 year old soft spoken hippie boy backpacker traveling around the Hawaiian Islands after his High School graduation with a sexy lean tight boy body, long bushy dick and a hairy bubble butt who juggles oranges with a hard-on, sweeps the driveway totally nude, takes two showers, pees twice and jerks his long dong until he busts a HUGE Load of boy juice all over his smooth belly and balls.

Just 18 years old, 5’5″ and 130 pounds Connor came to Hawaii alone to tour the Islands and now works on an Organic Farm with Island Studs model, Big Beautiful Black Franklin.

Connor has the perfect man/ boy body: smooth chest with a furry ‘happy trail’ leading down to his full bush and beautiful long cock with a big mushroom head and that yummy furry Bubble Butt! France had already announced the closure on Friday of embassies and other institutions in 20 countries while, in Paris, some Muslim leaders urged their followers to heed a government ban on weekend demonstrations protesting against denigration of the prophet.

Businesses closed and streets emptied across the country as the government declared a national holiday, the “Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad,” to encourage peaceful protests against the controversial film that has ignited protest across the Muslim world for more than a week.


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Island Studs Tate jerks his 9 inch dick

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Island Studs says: “Everybody LOVES my BIG COCK,” Tall Tate states with a sexy friendly smile as he strokes his monster 9″ dick, then trims trees with a powerful chainsaw fully hard, before jerking his massive meat both underwater in the swimming pool and outside in the garden and busts a huge load on his ripped smooth abs in this Exclusive Video from Island Studs.

Capturing Tall Tall from every angle underwater as he skinny dips in the pool and strokes his throbbing 9″ cock in a lengthy underwater JO session.

Watch how Tall Tate enjoys stoking his BIG beautiful 9″ cock with one hand while playing with his big balls with the other! He strokes his cock to it’s full 9″ length before dropping into the pool for a sexy underwater jerk off session, all caught on video.


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Ginger Abe strips naked and wanks his thick juicy fat cock

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Island Studs says: Ginger Abe, a tall ripped, friendly, graduate student with a thick juicy fat cock with a big mushroom head surrounded by a strawberry blond cock and belly hair, a big ball sack, moons the camera, pump up the weights with a full erection.

Abe bends over to clean the banister of the deck revealing his hairy ginger hole wearing only pink gloves, spreads his ass checks wide open, and milks his beautiful cock for the first time on camera.

Ass Lover will appreciate when horny Abe removes his work gloves and grabs his ass cheeks spreading them wide open as he bends over to expose his yummy Virgin straight boy hole.

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Ripped twink Shannon bends over with his big cock and donkey balls dangling between his smooth hairless thighs

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Island Studs says: Hung Shannon, a super sexy 19 year old twink with a massive 9 inch cock and shaggy hair and ear plugs, skates fully nude, works outdoors racking leafs, pees with a boner, and enjoys showing off his huge cum shot and awesome smooth body as he jerks off in this exclusive new video from island studs shot in Hawaii.

It is very hot to watch this skinny ripped twink stand in the garden wearing only skate shoes with his big fat hard dick throbbing as he holds his board.

For our naked worker series, I put sexy Shannon to work fully nude racking up leafs in the garden wearing only his skater shoes.

Watch as this ripped twink bends over with his big cock and donkey balls dangling between his smooth hairless thighs. Repeatedly, twink Shannon bends over collecting leafs as his smooth ass cheeks open wide exposing his pink virgin boy hole to the camera.

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