Rick Anders at Paragon Men

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Paragon Men says: If there’s one Paragon Man to save us from the Zombie apocolypse, it’s Rick Anders. There’s something dangerously sexy about that mug. Like a furry-muscled heavy from the Five Points gangs of old New York, his attitude is one of aloof cockiness and he packs serious heat to back it up.

When he’s not nude and flexing, Rick indulges an underwear fetish. One should always have a hobby that wears so well! He especially likes the new style of briefs with the open-air ass – in Rick’s case less is always more. He even eats small meals every day, and vegan. How do you get that muscle mass without eggs, milk or meat? Plenty of chicken. Yeah, other animals get a pass but Rick’s racist against chickens. Got a problem with that?

This was only Rick’s second shoot. And by shoot – we mean, all over the place! He may have been a nervous starter, but when the video rolled, he finished with a bang… Be the first to see him stroke and seduce as those epic nipples work overtime. Rick says the plumbing is 100% connected to the electricity. Get this video at Paragon Men!


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