Colt McGraw and Ransom

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Chaos Men says: Colt McGraw loses his wood while working on Ransom’s cock, so Ransom has him stand and starts rimming his hairy hole, tugging on his cock at the same time. Sure enough his cock wakes right back up.


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Chaos Men says: If you like dudes with fully natural pubes, you are bound to get a hair caught in the back of your throat with Vaughn. The boy has got major bush.


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Cooper Reed and Tatum

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Chaos Men says: Tatum has topped infrequently, mainly cuz he gets so hard from being fucked. The last couple videos, he was struggling to not bust while getting fucked. That pattern still holds as his cock looks ready to pop the entire time he is riding Cooper Reed’s cock.


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Armani and Jonas

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Chaos Men says: 24 year old straight ripped hunk Armani is into more mature girls, his current girlfriend is ten years older, so it was interesting to see how he would take to bottoming for the very first time. His first edge video with Bay was amazing, and although he said he would totally be into bottoming, he’d prefer to start with a guy with a cock somewhat less hung than Bay. I promised him a cock that would have less girth, but made no mention of length.

Jonas was the perfect candidate for taking Armani’s ass virginity. He stays confidently hard, doesn’t have to go balls deep to stay hard, and can monitor his depth. He is really patient at breaking in a new guy.

Armani has had toys inside of him, and they work, but I did worry that he might have bitten off more than he could chew.

Jonas takes off Armani’s sneakers, give them a quick sniff, and then eagerly gets to his favorite part, sucking cock. When it came time for Armani to suck Jonas, I think Armani was relieved to see he wasn’t going to be sitting on a beer can, and that pumped up his eagerness just a touch. He was a little bit nervous.

Actually, I think Jonas has got rimming down now, and he knows how to tease a guy with his tongue, making them want “more” to go inside. The ass eating alone got Armani in the ‘zone’.

Armani does have “bottom” written all over him, and true to his nature, he took to it like a fish to water. His cock loved all the anal stimulation.

On this his very first fuck scene, Armani bust his nut from being fucked. It impressed Jonas, who still seems very reluctant to try bottoming. Armani told him it felt great, but Jonas had a look of disbelief on his face.

During Jonas’s creampie, Armani does encourage Jonas to put his cum inside of him, which totally floored me. The dude is an amazing bottom.


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Chaos Men says: Beefy ex-football jock Mason loves to play with his ass, so there is a sure fire bottom right out of the gate.


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Cooper Reed

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Chaos Men says: Tattooed sexy ripped dude Cooper Reed came in to do a full-sex video, but his flight the following day didn’t head out until 7pm. This had happened to us before where he basically had nothing to do after a shoot. Most guys shoot their video and our early the next morning. I usually pick him up from the hotel and take him over to the gym to workout with me, a late lunch, then a drop off at the airport. This time we planned ahead so that we could also do some nice photos and maybe even a solo peep video.


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Griffin and Vander gay bareback ass fucking

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Chaos Men says: Director’s Cut with all the action. When Griffin came on Team Chaos, I knew he would make a lot of fans happy, and sure enough, you all really saw what an amazing sexual beast he is.

I of course immediately thought about pairing him with Vander. But with Vander in graduate school, my window to work with him is short, so we usually do a couple videos when he has a holiday break from school.

I knew they would have instant chemistry, and with Griffin cool with some piss action, the two could really go wild. From sticky wetness, rimming, kissing, and a lot of ass to mouth action, there is so much packed into this one video.

This video is another huge one. 46 minutes on the Director’s Cut and about 38 for the sanitized edition. That’s a lot of tinkle.

I could gush about this video, but you really just have to join or watch the entire thing. It’s just one of those videos where you will want to watch all the action. So schedule an hour out of your day to have some wild and wet fun.


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Chaos Men says: Trux’s has a girlfriend here in Austin, and so the two of them try to come down to visit as often as they can. We tried to have him come on over on his own, but he had no wheels on a couple visits. This visit, Teo had a car, so he brought Trux and his girlfriend out to the studio. I of course asked him if he had his bush, and he said it was all there. As you can tell, like most of the straight guys, they think whiskers count as full-on bush.


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Jeremiah and Noah Riley bareback ass fucking

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Chaos Men says: Jeremiah took some time thinking about doing more full-on sex with a dude. Not sure why it took him a while. He has messed around with guys and certainly comes from a very liberal area. He prefers women, but I think there is a part of him that loves dominating a submissive guy.

He had aggressively throat-fucked Griffin in the Serviced video, and he brought the same game to this one. Thankfully Noah Riley can take it, and rarely doing we get to see a guy dominate a dude’s holes like Jeremiah does.

You can see he relishes in Noah deep-throating him! Jeremiah just power-fucks his face relentlessly. Tears are coming out of Noah’s eyes, but he keeps going back for more.

Jeremiah threw himself totally into this video. He sucks on Noah’s cock, and then gets himself in a 69 position to bury his cock down Noah’s throat again. Not sure how Noah was breathing but his cock stays bone hard between gasps for air.

And the power fucking does not end with the oral. Jeremiah really lets him have it deep in the ass. Jeremiah is not exactly lacking in the cock department and splits little Noah in two. He pounds Noah relentlessly, but Noah’s cock is dripping pre-cum from all the anal action.

Jeremiah is truly having sex and he is dripping with sweat with all the pounding he is doing. A couple times he slows down to catch his breath and not actually cum.

Noah accidently busts his nut while I am underneath Jeremiah filming him banging his hole. Thank goodness for multiple camera angles.

Noah shoots a huge load, and then Jeremiah fucks him about 30 seconds longer until he is about to bust and squirts a couple shots onto him, then plunges in. Rarely do we get guys who can fuck right up to cumming and was super happy I was below when that happened.


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