My brother’s hot friend young Spanish hottie Manuel Reyes bottoms for a huge uncut dick

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Amateur Gay POV says: I’ve been disturbed by my bro’s sexy buddy Manuel Reyes as I am laying in bed stroking my huge erect cock.

To say that was bad timing well I like to see the positives Manuel has been coming around pretty regularly, and it’s not that unusual for him to make himself right at home.

But today this sly little fucker is on a mission and he comes straight out with it and invites himself right into my bed.

I think he saw exactly what I was doing when he came down those stairs.

Quickly, Manuel volunteers a helping hand and a warm mouth to help me with my problem.

This boy’s cute little ass is begging for my dick and he climbs on top and rides my shaft as if his life depends on it.

My slick dick slides in and out of his juicy hole and I spray my thick load all over his back.

Damn, I love it when my brother’s buddies secretly want my cock.

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